Residential Services Residential Services

Lockyer Valley Waste Management cater for a wide variety of waste management systems. We can empty, clean and refresh your home sewage system so that you never have to worry about overflow, smells or blockages again.

Our services include:

  • Pump out and clean septic tanks and holding tanks
  • Pump out and clean sullage systems and grease traps
  • Pump out and clean sewage treatment plants
  • Pump out and clean enviro systems (such as Envirocycle or Biocycle systems)
  • Check your waste system and let you know if anything needs to be replaced or repaired

We can also set up a regular pump and clean cycle for your tanks and traps so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Contact us today to discuss the needs of your waste management system.

Environmental Environmental

Environmental Policy

We take being environmentally friendly seriously. Not only are we licenced and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (now part of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection) but we also use an environmentally friendly organic compound after cleaning and pumping out your septic tank or grease trap. This remarkable bio-degradable, non-toxic compound naturally eliminates smells, breaks down solid waste and helps prevent future blockages, leaving your system fresh, clean and free-flowing. This service is included FREE with any pump out and cleaning job to ensure your waste system remains healthy.

Septic Tank Diagram

Understanding your System

Septic Tanks

As waste enters your septic tank through the inlet pipe (1), the solids sink to the bottom (2) where they slowly start to break down. Scum (mostly small amounts of oil) rises to the surface (3) above the inlet pipe and remains there, also being slowly broken down by the anaerobic process that digests the solid waste. This ensures that the liquid which exits through the outlet pipe (4) is relatively clear when it is absorbed by the drain field. Every so often, the solid waste needs to be pumped out through the hatch (5) and the scum residue cleaned away. Lockyer Valley Waste Management will not only handle the pump out and clean of your septic tank but also include an environmentally friendly organic compound FREE with the service to improve the anaerobic process and keep your septic tank healthy and smelling fresh.

Grease Traps

A grease interception system or grease trap is essential to keep your septic system running smoothly. A bit of grease will always be present in the system, mostly rising to the top layer of scum, but too much grease will overwhelm the septic tank and can result in blockages and the release of untreated sewage. A grease trap prevents most of the grease from entering the main septic system. Lockyer Valley Waste Management can pump out and clean your grease trap to keep your home sewage system clear and running smoothly.

Based on this image by Olek Remesz


Towns we Service

  • Amberley
  • Banks Creek
  • Bellevue
  • Biarra
  • Birru
  • Blacksoil
  • Buarba Creek
  • Clarendon
  • Coominya
  • Cottonvale
  • Crow’s Nest
  • Esk
  • Fernvale


  • Forest Hill
  • Frenchton
  • Gatton
  • Glamorgan Vale
  • Glenore Grove
  • Goolana
  • Grandchester
  • Grantham
  • Haigslea
  • Hampstead
  • Hampton
  • Helidon
  • Hillside


  • Ipswich
  • Kholo
  • Laidley
  • Lower Tenthill
  • Lowood
  • Malabar
  • Marburg
  • Murphy’s Creek
  • Northbrook
  • Peak’s Crossing
  • Placid Hills
  • Regency Downs
  • Ropeley East


  • Rosewood
  • Tagoolawah
  • Tarampa
  • Thagoona
  • The Bluff
  • Toowoomba
  • Upper Lockyer
  • Walloon
  • Willowbank
  • Withcott
  • Wivenhoe Pocket
  • Woolshed
  • Yamanto